Saturday, November 17, 2007

Amar bhitor baahire antore antore achho tumi hridoy jude...

I surrender...........

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Breath Out

In few movies I have seen depiction of instances where the hero or the heroine scream their lung out into the vast open spaces to remove mental (psychological or emotional) trauma from their systems. Though I feel this kind of a release could be cleansing yet I have no clue where these vast open spaces are, where no human is around, and if I do find them can I actually scream.... The confidence level is so low that even thru a friendly holler I wonder if my tone is fine.
But I have wanted to find a way by which I could inarticulately vent out. As it appears, I have. While swimming the other day I chanced upon a coach. He suggested that while swimming the freestyle I aught to breathe in at one stroke and blow bubbles head down into the water for the next four strokes. This entire concept is new to me and so I really have to force the air out of my lungs into the water. I feel as if I am uttering a gutteral roar into the water which no one hears and yes in a strange way I feel happier.
So, if you cant scream atleast you can breathe out / blow bubbles into the water. Let the blue take in your blues.........

Sunday, July 1, 2007

30 years

What does one say that can diminish 30 years of existance to a sentence of non chalance ? How does one say - "Everything that I once craved for now seems insignificant", without sounding senile? The 30th Birthday, an awakening so harsh that a daydreamer like me now has to tally accounts of life. Dear Friend, wake up faster if you can.